You Won’t Believe What These Criminals Got Instead Of Jail Time (Photos)

The idea of going to jail for a crime is a scary thought. Getting locked behind bars alongside a whole lot of other criminals is just asking for trouble. Not to mention that they (probably) have committed crimes much worse than your shoplifting incident or speeding ticket. You don’t want to get shanked or join a gang, do you? Well these judges came up with some fair outlandish ways to help criminals pay the price and skip out on the whole jail thing. Their prison sentences take creativity to a whole new level:

1. Sentenced to spend five Christmases in jail.

Chicago Now

Benita Young was convicted of driver’s license scam, and her Ohio judge sentenced her to five consecutive Christmases in jail. For the rest of the year, she’s free…except for her probation, that is. Guess you’ll just have to wait to open your presents!