What This Guy Found Living Behind His Walls Will Haunt You Forever…

Imagine you just bought a nice, beautiful, big house filled with giant rooms, large bookshelves, and the like. I bet you’d be able to fit SO many people in there. Your cousins, your grandparents, your kids, whomever you’d like! Sometimes, that house might be too big that you don’t even know who’s home!

Well, our advice to you is to make sure you know exactly what’s within your house. Sure, you might find some mice, spiders and dust bunnies holed up in between the cracks, but that’s not what we’re worried about. Imgur user TwoBiteBrownie shared some horrific, spine-tingling photos of his discovery of what’s between his walls. His findings will urge you to knock down every wall in your house, or just leave the house immediately. Be warned: what you see on the next few pages will give you nightmares.

This bookshelf looks pretty standard. Sitting up nice against the wall. Nothing to be alarmed at, right?


“I moved into a house about a year ago. The previous owners built the house in the early 2000’s, and moved to India two years ago. This picture above shows my parents’ room.” – TwoBiteBrownie