Want To Get Drunk Off Cupcakes? Here’s How!

It’s not a party without some booze and cake. No, seriously. If you’re a fan of alcohol and a fan of cake, and have been looking for a way to get buzzed while satisfying your drunchies, then this list will blow your mind. Introducing: alcoholic cupcakes. Yup, you read that right. Alcohol infused cupcakes are the cool new way to get your buzz on.

Want to get your birthday celebration on early? Eat alcoholic cupcakes. Want to make the children’s party you’re babysitting at more enjoyable? Eat alcoholic cupcakes. Want to get drunk before 5 p.m. without everyone judging your poor choices? Eat alcoholic cupcakes. You get the gist. These alcoholic cupcakes are everything. But don’t just take our word for it. Start brushing up on these recipes and start baking! Just try not to get too drunk in the process.

White Russian Cupcakes

White Russians are not for the faint of heart.  White Russian drinkers have the amazing superpower of being able to mix booze with milk without ending their night in the bushes. If this sounds like you then this White Russian cupcake recipe is perfect for you. Topped with Kahlua buttercream and Kahlua icing, this cupcake is an alcoholic’s dream come true.

Elise Bakes
Elise Bakes