These Photos Show How Huge Andre the Giant Was

Andre the Giant, born Andre Renee Roussimoff, is one of professional wrestling’s great icons. The man truly deserved his nickname “Giant.” His billed height was seven feet four inches and his billed weight was 520 pounds. Granted, his “shoot,” or real-life, dimensions may have been smaller. But probably not by much.

All That Is Interesting

Photos of Andre tend to look like they were Photoshopped. He was so enormous that it’s hard to even imagine seeing him in person. The pics in this article will give you a sense of how enormous Andre was.

Like this photo of him dwarfing Arnold Schwarzenegger with Wilt Chamberlain. Even Wilt, a giant in his own right, looks significantly smaller than Andre. Thankfully, Andre was a gentle giant, renowned for being an extremely personable and kind-hearted person.