These Foods Keep You More Alert Than Coffee

Ever eaten an apple right before bed and found yourself staring at your ceiling instead of the inside of your eyelids? That’s because natural foods can give you as much energy, and keep you as alert, as caffeine. If you eat the right things, you can have a better “high,” sustained, even, clean energy without the peaks and crashes typically associated with coffee.

You can kill your afternoon dip in the long run by eating consistently well. Getting healthy proteins, fats, carbohydrates and their attendant array of micronutrients will give you an abundance of energy that feels better than a caffeine rush.

If you’re looking to improve your diet or just stay awake for longer without having to pound cup after cup of plastic-enriched keurig coffee, start with these foods, in addition to the aforementioned apples.

You probably don’t eat seaweed. You probably don’t want to eat seaweed. But if you change that opinion, seaweed is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. It also gives you a huge payload of iodine, which plays a key role in thyroid hormones and can supercharge your energy and sense of wellbeing.

If eating sea plants isn’t your thing and you don’t think you could ever make it your thing, opt for something more terrestrial: almonds. They are very high in vitamin B7, otherwise known as “biotin,” which aids your body in metabolizing the food you eat efficiently. That means more energy.

Healthy Diet Base

If you eat meat, lean beef can be great fuel. It’s very rich in iron, which combats fatigue. Being iron deficient means your blood cells are inefficient at transporting oxygen to your tissues, which means compensating with coffee.

There are much worse ways to start your day than with a bowl of oatmeal. It’s dirt cheap and is one of the healthiest grains you can eat. It’s rich in calcium, fiber and protein and is extremely satiating, meaning you won’t wind up throwing a bunch of granola bars down your throat an hour after breakfast. And don’t worry – rolled oats are just as nutritious as their trendier and more expensive relative steel-cut oats.

If you like seafood, try mussels for energy. They’re very dense in vitamin B12. You can get your daily allotment of the vitamin by eating only three of them. B12 is another nutrient that’s essential for properly metabolizing food.

Eggs are another great energy food. They’ve gotten a facelift in recent years, and are now generally considered a health food. They are very high in protein, as well as iodine (remember?), vitamin B6 and vitamin B12.

The bird they come from is also good for you. Chicken, now the most common bird in the world, contains a coenzyme called CoQ10, which is very essential for organ health.

And, of course, spinach. Dark, leafy greens are generally agreed to be the healthiest category of food available for human consumption. Spinach is a good entry-point into that category. It’s mild-flavored and is also extremely high in magnesium, which will give you a big boost of energy.

This isn’t just hype. Eating a bunch of healthy food all the time will radically elevate your baseline energy and sense of wellbeing. You will no longer be reliant upon coffee to keep you functional.

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