These Abandoned Military Bases Will Leave You Speechless

Thanks to man’s seemingly insatiable desire to kill each other, militaries have been looking for places to build bases in strategic locations pretty much since the dawn of civilization. However, as certain imminent threats disappear or certain societies, countries or empires fall, these bases will be abandoned and left for the next occupier to take over… or just become an empty relic of military history. And once they have been abandoned and opened up to the curious public, what and where they are often boggle the mind. Below are 40 abandoned military bases around the world that will leave visitors speechless.

Located in San Mateo County overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the Devil’s Slide Bunker was built by the United States military during World War II to help defend the harbor of San Francisco, due to fears of an attack from the Japanese. This was prior to radar so military personnel would wait in this bunker with coordinates and binoculars, standing watch like a soldier on a watch tower.