The Life Of A Reclusive Heiress And Her Abandoned Mansions (Pics)

Huguette Clark was the daughter of U.S. Senator William A. Clark (the guy who pretty much founded Las Vegas). She began to hate the constant public attention and eventually went into hiding in 1930’s in her lavish Fifth Avenue apartment in New Yor.  One thing though…she left behind multiple mansions all across the U.S. that have since become abandoned mansions.

Her properties include a New York apartment on Fifth Avenue, a Santa Barbara property on the California Coast, and a Connecticut estate.

Huguette left a fortune of $300 million when she passed away at 104 years old in 2011.

See the gallery of her mansions below.

Huguette Clark as a child with her father, W.A. Clark, a wealthy railroad and mining tycoon.

abandoned mansions
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