The Life Of A Reclusive Heiress And Her Deserted Mansions (Pics).


Huguette Clark, the daughter of U.S. Senator William A. Clark who founded Las Vegas, left public life in 1930’s and permanently retreated to her private Fifth Avenue New York apartment. Her mansions across the U.S. were left empty and unused.

Her estates include aforementioned New York apartment, a Santa Barbara property, and a Connecticut estate.

Huguette left a fortune of $300 million when she passed away at 104 years old in 2011. Her multiple homes are still uninhabited and are documented in the book, Empty Mansions: The Mysterious Life of Huguette Clark and the Spending of a Great American Fortune.

To see photographs of Clark’s reclusive life and her many estates, click below:

Huguette Clark as a child in a costume with her father, W.A. Clark, a railroad and mining tycoon.

New York Estate

A opulently decorated bedroom that remains uninhabited at the Fifth Avenue apartment. 

Huguette’s closet full of vintage clothes and priceless accessories.

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