The 10 Biggest Airplanes In The World

Planes are getting bigger, faster, and more powerful. They are roomier than ever before, taking up much more gate space at airports around the world, and are responsible for transporting important people and materials very long distances. They are fast, expensive, and really cool looking. Need I say more? Here are the planet’s biggest airplanes.

10. Airbus A330-300

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Wingspan: 198 ft

Max Payload: 137,345 lbs

Max Passenger Total: 475

Plane Cost: $245 million

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The Airbus A330 is utilized primarily by non-North American airlines. European carriers such as Air France and Lufthansa are two of their most commons customers, but it is also flown by Qantas and Malaysian Airlines, among others. This was the first long range option produced by Airbus following their A300.