Howard Stern Made A Bracket Of His Favorite Female Fox News Anchors, Who’s #1?

You have to love Howard Stern’s Fox News anchors appreciation. It might not be March, but it’s always a good time for a bracket. Sports fans and news fans alike can rejoice over the latest creation from media juggernaut, Howard Stern…

Howard Stern's Fox News anchors

The Fox News anchors bracket, which includes 16 of the lovely television ladies, breaks down each woman’s unique characteristics to figure out who is the most attractive. Allegedly this was the creation of Fox-addicted media editor J.D. Harmeyer who has an open obsession with the women of Fox, and Howard gave the bit the go ahead. The king of all media is open to any segment that rates people (especially female people). Here are the top 16 seeds of Howard Stern’s Fox News anchors bracket…

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