Graffiti Artist Makes Streets Homier For The Homeless

Homeless people are found on almost every street corner and it’s sad to say that oftentimes, they’re simply overlooked. A Los Angeles-based graffiti artist is changing that, giving the homeless something more than just a buck or some food to eat.

Going by the name of Skid Robot, he befriends homeless people on the streets of Skid Row, an area in Downtown Los Angeles that has one of the largest population of homeless people in the United States. On top of giving the homeless some money and food, Skid Robot also uses his artistic talent to humanize them, share their stories and give them imaginary homes to live in. He raises awareness of poverty and hardships and instead of portraying them in the reality of a harsh world, Skid Robot paints them in a cozy bedroom or in foreign lands. Often hashtagging the pictures #helpthepoor, #feedtheneedy and #savehumanity, Skid Robot anonymously posts his drawings on Instagram while sharing the story of the homeless he meets. He is described on his Instagram account as “An anonymous artist amongst the streets of skidrow, giving to those in need. Creating a dialogue for a solution to extreme poverty through art.” Posting pictures since November 2013, Skid Robot gives a face to the faceless, hope for the hopeless and a name to those forgotten.

The Florida Artist

Daily Mail
Daily Mail

Portrayed in this red bedroom with a four-poster bed and a window depicting a starlit sky is J.W., a talented artist originally from Florida. The caption for this photo said that when Skid Robot met J.W., “He asked for art supplies and some gear. We’ll do our best to hook him up proper.” J.W. also said some things that made Skid Robot reflect on his own life such as, “Always keep an open mind and a open heart, wisdom is found in listening.”