Gag-Worthy Snacks From Around The World

If you’ve spent some time traveling to other countries or even wandered into a grocery store that sold foreign foods, you’ll quickly discover that people of other cultures devour in the strangest of foods. But we have to remember that what’s weird to you might be the norm for them and vice versa. While typical American snacks and foods like Flamin’ Hot Cheetos or a cheeseburger may not sit so well with the palates of people outside of the U.S., maggot cheese and deep fried tarantulas might just be what they’re craving.

People do say that you should try everything once, but when it comes to these foods, I think I’m okay not knowing.

Zhuxie Gao – Taiwan


At a glance, you’d think that this was a chocolate ice cream bar with crushed peanuts or something. But it’s not. This here is a popular cake in Taiwan that’s made of pig blood and rice. Not my kind of cake.