A Family Tried To Put A Christmas Sweater On A Pitbull Named Scarface And It Attacked

We’ve all seen it – dogs in Christmas sweaters. Some of them appear to like the sweaters, and others look completely humiliated. One dog, a pit bull mix named Scarface, was not going to find out which kind of dog he was.

On Friday, Scarface’s owners made the grave error of trying to put a Christmas sweater on him. Scarface, in response, mauled three people.

A fifty-two-year-old woman named Brenda Guerrero was the first to encounter his wrath. Brenda was the one who tried to put on the sweater while they were in the back yard of her Tampa, Florida home. Scarface turned around and attacked her.

Brenda’s husband Ismael and their 22-year-old son tried to intervene, but they were also attacked. Scarface was on a brutal rampage and the son went as far as to stab the dog in the head and neck to try to subdue it.

New York Daily News
New York Daily News

The cops showed up soon thereafter, and tried to taser the dog into submission. But incredibly, a taser was inadequate to defeat Scarface, who continued attacking Brenda. The police then used a bean bag gun. And once again, it proved inadequate.

Eddy Durkin, a Tampa police officer, said, “Officers responding said the dog was pretty aggressive. When they tasered the dog the dog was still pulling away and was able to release the prongs from the taser.”

Scarface was finally subdued when the police shot him with a tranquilizer gun. Brenda and Ismael were rushed to the hospital.

Thankfully, they appear to be recovering fine. Brenda’s injuries were pretty grievous, but not life-threatening.

Scarface’s fate remains unknown. It remains to be seen whether the aggression will ultimately cost him his life.

Pit bulls are notorious for being prone to violence. There is a very vocal, very impassioned pro-pit community that defends the dogs against what they feel to be an unjust image.

Pit bulls are a member of the “molosser” group of dog breeds, which also includes rottweilers, mastiffs and others. Although molossers only represent about 9% of the total dog population in America, they are responsible for a full 86% of all attacks on humans that result in bodily harm.

If you own a molosser, tread lightly. And if they don’t seem to be particularly swelling with Christmas cheer, don’t try to put a Christmas sweater on them.

We hope the Guerreros make quick recoveries. And hopefully there’s some kind of therapy in Scarface’s future. And a new name.

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