3D Chalk Art Brings Michigan Streets To Life

Self-taught artist David Zinn has been amusing Michigan natives with his 3D chalk art since 2001. Gracing the streets of his hometown of Ann Arbor are drawings composed of chalk and charcoal that incorporate surrounding objects. He creatively draws inspiration from what is already present, such as cracks in the sidewalk and holes in the wall. He started doing chalk art as an excuse to be outdoors; but with the help of social media, Zinn’s drawings have spread far beyond the streets of Michigan. A collection of his work has been turned into a book, Lost & Unfound: Street Art by David Zinn, available on his site. Here’s 22 of our favorite drawings. Let’s see if you can get through the first couple of pictures without smiling.

His most recurrent character is Sluggo, a bright green slug-alien hybrid with irreverent habits.

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