15 Insanely Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

Celebrity engagement rings – aka giant real-life approximations of a celebrity’s net worth  – are usually ridiculously big, expensive, and gaudy. With the money spent on each ring, you could buy a mansion or – at least – put a nice down payment on one.

Here are 15 of the most insanely expensive diamond rings from Gwyneth Paltrow to Beyonce:

Ciara – Ring Value: $1,000,000- 1,500,000


Future proposed to Ciara two days after her 28th birthday. It was a custom design that Future had made from the NYC jeweler Avianne & Co. Brian Watkins, the president of Ritani said about the ring: “Ciara has an absolutely beautiful three stone, emerald cut diamond ring. There is no doubt that Future took his time in creating this custom piece, due to the design, eternity band and large size.”