15 Famous Movie Locations You Can Visit In Real Life

Movies are amazing. The actors running across busy cities chasing the bad guy in action movies, a couple falling in love in a serene spot in a romance, or even seeing a mystical creature in a science-fiction film. None of these movies would be much without their settings and the backdrop which provides a place for everything to take place. There are many sets in Hollywood that movies are filmed at; nobody actually expects that the places that you see in films actually exist anywhere.

But, as it turns out, sometimes movies like to get away from the backlot and venture out into the real world to create their movie magic.

Here are 15 famous locations that you’ve seen in movies that you can also visit in real life.

The Firehouse


The New York City headquarters of The Ghostbusters is actually a fully operational New York Fire Department warehouse, Hook & Ladder Company #8, located at 14 North Moore Street on the corner of Varick Street in TriBeCa.