14 Fast Food Menu Items You Need To Avoid Like The Plague

Chances are when you don’t have time to fix yourself a decent meal (or are too lazy to), you opt for fast food. Instant, greasy and delicious – fast food has become a staple in every American’s diet. But WAIT.┬áBefore you take a bite of that Big Mac, fast food workers at Reddit are here to save your life. Kind of. There are certain things that go on behind those fast food doors that you need to know about. Certain things should never, ever be ordered from fast food menus and Redditors are here to tell you why.

Keep in mind a lot of these issues are due to poor management and may vary from franchise to franchise. So if you’re willing to take the risks, go ahead and keep chomping on that burger. You did pay a whole $4 for it after all.

1. Lemons and ice

So you’re trying to be healthy by getting water instead of soda. Good for you. Except, fast food workers say that you should steer clear of lemons and ice. Ice machines, even when cleaned regularly are gross in general. Basically they’re a giant cesspool for mold, even when cleaned religiously. What’s even grosser is that when workers are busy and can’t find the ice scooper they use their hands. Just think about all of those times you caught someone walking out of the bathroom without washing their hands. -Gag- As for lemons, well, let’s just say that lemons are often handled without washing and sometimes sit out all day/night.