13 Items Not Available At McDonald’s In The U.S. But Should Be

Ahhh McDonald’s, the long-reigning king of fast food chains in America. Boasting more than 35,000 restaurants in 119 countries, McDonald’s double golden arcs and frontman Ronald McDonald have been global icons since 1940. Even in the midst of all the backlash they receive (like from Super Size), McDonald’s has been able shake off the haters (hater’s gonna hate) and whip up delicious Big Macs and golden french fries that keep our mouths watering for more.

But while nothing is more satisfying than a McGangBang (which for all of you who don’t know is a McChicken sandwiched between a McDouble – you’re welcome), we can’t help but to be envious of some of the global fares that McDonald’s in other countries have to offer. From fried chicken to bratwursts, we can’t help but think maybe McDonald’s in the U.S. isn’t as great as we thought (come on America, get on this). Maybe it’s time for us to plan a global McDonald’s tour so we can get these babies in our stomachs.

Cono Oreo

China Press
China Press

Who doesn’t love the dollar cone at Mickey D’s? Well, in Mexico, they take it to a whole other level with Cono Oreo. Yes that’s is the dollar cone in an Oreo cone. *Drools*