12 Vanity License Plates That Somehow Got By The DMV

When you come up with a vanity license plate, it has to pass certain DMV standards. However, some people get away with risky or insulting plates because contrary to popular belief, there are DMV employees with a sense of humor.

According to the California DMV website, these are the rules for vanity plates:

“The department shall refuse any configuration that may carry connotations offensive to good taste and decency, or which would be misleading, based on criteria which includes, but is not limited to, the following:

The configuration has a sexual connotation or is a term of lust or depravity.
The configuration is a vulgar term; a term of contempt, prejudice, or hostility; an insulting or degrading term; a racially degrading term; or an ethnically degrading term.
The configuration is a swear word or term considered profane, obscene, or repulsive.
The configuration has a negative connotation to a specific group.
The configuration misrepresents a law enforcement entity.
The configuration has been deleted from regular series license plates.
The configuration is a foreign or slang word or term, or is a phonetic spelling or mirror image of a word or term falling into the categories described in subdivisions 1. through 6. above.”

Check out the plates below and see which ones slipped through… especially with regard to the “good taste” rule:

Rock on, my friend. Rock on.