11 No-Fly Zones Across The US That You Would Never Have Guessed Were Restricted

When you get into an airplane, it seems as if the clouds and skies are wide open for your plane to roam. Not the case, actually.

There are quite a few restrictions placed on all pilots and aircraft that they may not fly over, due to safety and security concerns all around the globe. Some of them are easy to guess. Military bases, for example. For the safety and best interest of everybody, it’s probably best that you just stay out of these “confidential” areas.


However, there are also many areas of our country where you may not have guessed planes and aircraft are not allowed to fly over. These places may not necessarily be “government-confidential”, but for the safety and well-being of the people that inhabit the areas below, these places have been deemed strictly “NO-FLY ZONES”

Check out these 11 no-fly zones and see if you knew that some of these places were restricted airspace.