10 Creepiest Unsolved Mysteries Of All Time

There are many unsolved mysteries in history. Some are creepy, some are grisly – many are both. From missing children to possible vampires, here are some strange cases that have never been solved:

The Somerton Man

One of the strangest unsolved deaths in the world is the Taman Shud Case. Known as the Somerton Man, he was found on Somerton Beach in Adelaide, Australia, in January 1948. He had no identification on him, which also has earned him the nickname of “The Unknown Man.” Inside of a tiny pocket in the dead man’s trousers was a small scrap of printed paper that appeared to be torn out of a book which had the Persian phrase Tamam Shud, which means “The End” on it.

Sixty-eight years later no advances have been made on figuring what this man’s name was, much less how he died. It’s believed that The Somerton Man was murdered by an undetectable poison. In a 2013 interview for the Australian “60 Minutes”, a woman named Kate said that her mother had told her that she knew about the Somerton Man, but refused to speak to police about it. She also said her mother spoke Russian fluently and alluded to the man being a spy. There isn’t much evidence to back this up, but it’s the most accepted theory as of now.