12 Gut Wrenching Break Up Notes

Breakups are the worst. As you bask in the warmth of love, breakups sit in their dark corner, plotting their sneak attack. Next thing you know, you are blindsided by the “It’s not you, it’s me” speech (even though most of the time, it’s

For Shame, Techies: The 9 Worst Tech Tattoos Ever (Pics)

Okay, just because you’re really into tech and live in Silicon Valley doesn’t mean you haven’t to prove your loyalty to your machine overlords with permanent ink. Well, our robot rulers haven’t codified that requirement into law yet so your skin should remain unblemished

11 Animals Who Will Test Your Rap Knowledge

Rap verses and the rap game have gone down the tubes as of late. So these awesome animals want to remind you of these classic rap lyrics. Check out these classy characters: This bald eagle has a New York state of mind. America!