17 Text Shut-Downs Worthy Of Internet Fame

Dating is hard. It’s a lot harder when people are jerks about it. Take, for example, the people in this particular post. They were using an online dating service and wham, they got hit in the face with a dose of jerk reality. On the

3D Chalk Art Brings Michigan Streets To Life

Self-taught artist David Zinn has been amusing Michigan natives with his 3D chalk art since 2001. Gracing the streets of his hometown of Ann Arbor are drawings composed of chalk and charcoal that incorporate surrounding objects. He creatively draws inspiration from what is already

Animals Who’ve Mastered The Art Of Photobombing

Pictures of animals have taken over the web and I can’t complain. I mean, who wouldn’t smile at a photo of baby pandas in a basket or dogs dressed in costumes. Animals are adorable and funny and just down right awesome. But as if they couldn’t get

Dine Like You’re In Hogwarts At These 10 Colleges

If you’re a Harry Potter buff and would love to dine like a Gryffindor or a Slytherin, consider taking a tour of these colleges. They are home to dining halls that could totally pass as the one featured at the majestic Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. With Gothic

16 People Who Are Just Really, Really Dumb

It’s no secret that our world is full of stupid people. But as true as that might be, it’s still alarming to see the sheer amount of unintelligent people that plague our society. It seems like everywhere we turn, there they are. Seriously. Just