The 10 Worst Jobs In the World

Think your job working at a cell phone kiosk is bad? At least you’re not elbow-deep in cat food or chasing monkeys with a stick. The jobs on this list are ten of the world’s absolute worst, most unpleasant, and sometimes most dangerous.  10.

10 Booties Great Enough to Make Their Owners Famous

Beauty standards are always changing, often rapidly. Somewhere between 2013 and 2014, the world went completely insane for butts. Instagram is basically 95% butt shots now, and the right girl in yoga pants pretty much has our permission to murder anyone she wants. These celebrities were some

10 Unbelievable Wrongful Executions

There are many rightful convictions of guilty people around the country. However, every justice system has its inherent flaws. Human error and pure laziness can often get in the way of a proper murder investigation. Unfortunately, the ramifications of a botched investigation can be

10 CRAZY Things To Be Found Underneath Beds

The territory between the bed and the floor is like the twilight zone. Comprised of darkness and mystery, the lines between good and evil are often blurred in this unknown land. When discoveries happen here, they aren’t solely positive or negative, but they are